1-Axis Single Row Horizontal Tracker HYPERION-SR®

Hyperion-SR® is the most advanced single row horizontal tracker on the market. Main features are minimum number of piles per MW, self-powered operation, wireless communications, extended slope tolerances and sophisticated optimized.

Fixed Structures

MECASOLAR’s fixed structure is a robust, flexible and economically effective solution, which can be adapted to the needs of our customers complying with CE, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification.

2 Axis Tracker

The 2-axis tracker is the patriarch of our product range. Its long history dates back in 2005, since then, more than 17.000 have been installed worldwide.

1 Axis Azimuthal Tracker

The 1 axis azimuthal (seasonal) tracker, received the “PV Application Award 2009” in Hamburg, Germany, during the EUPV trade show, Recognizing MECASOLAR’s commitement into new technological developements as per the needs and the demands of the pv market.


Mecasolar’s Mecascrew is a non-conventional foundation system ensuring durability and robusness; It constitutes a flexible solution that can be applied to all types of solar tracking systems and terrains.